Corporate Finance

Corporate finance

Corporate finance

Whether it is growth, internationalisation, refinancing or restructuring – every corporate initiative requires adequate financing. Business owners are therefore increasingly seeking alternative financing options rather than relying on the conventional approach of financing through a bank.

Our role is to prepare your company for the demanding challenges associated with financing processes and work alongside our clients as we start the promising changes. In hindsight to this we have the full spectrum of financing options at our disposal and work with serious, reputable investors.

Structured Financing

We advise medium-sized companies in all aspects of capital procurement. Whether this is refinancing loans, working capital and expansion financing, acquisition financing, strengthening capital structures, or improving financial structures, we will find the fitting solution for you and your business.

Capital procurement is a time-consuming process and not something business owners or management teams want to deal with beside their daily operational challenges. This is where we step in as a link between the company and the investor, ensuring that our efforts to seek capital and improve financing conditions are focused on the target to be achieved.

Typical cases:

  • Expansion of working capital facilities
  • Financing of market expansions, system extensions or the development of new business segments
  • Adaptation of inadequate financing structures with regard to conditions, maturities and securities
  • Strengthening of equity capital to hedge or broaden the outside capital basis
  • Financing of acquisitions

Special Situations

It is not always possible to avoid financial obstacles. In situations where credit terms or financial obligations cannot be met, business owners need access to support from experts who can accompany them through such difficult times. This includes support for both management and shareholders when it comes to preparing a restructuring concept and negotiating with banks, suppliers and trade credit insurance companies.

In providing this service, we are ideally placed to develop a viable solution for our clients and their financial partners alike.

Typical scenarios:

  • Refinancing of unstable financing structures that are no longer fit the purpose
  • Procurement of capital to implement operational measures or reduce debt
  • Adaptation of financing conditions

Growth financing
Manufacturer of recycling materials
  • Structuring of growth financing
  • Turnover of EUR 30 million
Car spares and mobility products dealer
  • Reorganisation of capital structure as part of a restructuring process
  • Turnover of EUR 120 million
Specialist plant engineering
  • Financing a restructuring situation
  • Turnover of EUR 10 million
Internal financing
International textile group
  • Optimisation of financing structure – internal financing
  • Turnover of around EUR 140 million and EUR 4 million EBIT in 2015

Corporate succession planning/
Changes in company structure

Corporate succession planning

Corporate succession planning/
Changes in company structure

Company ownership structures are not fixed, but are subject to changes over the course of time. Family businesses are passed down from one generation to the next, and company structures have to be adapted to suit changing business circumstances.

Whether companies are passed on or taken over, these changes still pose a whole variety of challenges for their owners. A key issue here relates to financing the succession, or rather identifying the “right” new shareholders.

We support our clients by weighing up complex decisions such as these and working alongside them to prepare potential courses of action.

Succession Planning
Manufacturer of high-performance gearboxes
  • Sale of the company to a financial investor as part of its succession plan
  • Turnover of EUR 25 million

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Purchasing or selling a company or corporate shareholding is usually an extraordinary occurrence. As a result, the process poses unfamiliar challenges for both the owner and the company itself and typically involves significant time pressure.

CRESCAT Advisory supports its clients along every stage of the transaction process, from preparing, analysing and evaluating the company, approaching investors and vendors, and handling the due diligence process, right through to negotiating contracts.

Company Sale
Manufacturer of premium-quality speaker systems
  • Support in sale to a Chinese strategic investor
  • Turnover of EUR 50 million
Corporate acquisition
Specialist German manufacturer of special pipes and connections
  • Owned by a private equity fund
  • Turnover of around EUR 80 million and EUR 4 million EBITDA in 2014